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There are many different colleges in New Jersey that you might be thinking about attending. Going to college after high school or even later in life is one of the best investments you can make in your own future. Research has found that most people who go to college tend to make more money over the course of their lifetimes. The amount of money differs but there is evidence that those who get four-year degrees from a US university can make over one million dollars more than those who only have high school diplomas. That difference is actually growing every year.

As the US economy continues to advance and modernize, the best new jobs are not in the unskilled labor markets. Instead, they are in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Those jobs pay more than jobs in other fields but they tend to require at least a four-year degree. You can break into that better job market by going to one of the great colleges in New Jersey. You shouldn’t only limit yourself to different majors in the STEM fields. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of majors.

Best Major at Colleges in New Jersey?

Majoring in History

Majoring in history is popular for many people, but it has started to lose popularity. As stated earlier, the highest-paying jobs tend to be in the STEM fields. That is why many undergraduates choose to major in STEM fields at colleges in New Jersey. However, if you only choose a major for the amount of money you can make, you are doing yourself a disservice. Going to college takes roughly four years; some do it faster and some take longer, but that’s close to standard.

That means you will be committing four years to a certain course of study. If you decide to major in something you’re not very interested in simply because you can make money, you will have four years of disliking what you are studying. Once you graduate, you’ll then have your entire career to be unenthused about your job. While you might make a good amount of money, you will spend most of your time at work. That’s why so many people choose to major in history.

History is a great starting point for people who want to move into fields that require college degrees such as history. Many think you can only be a history teacher, but that’s not entirely true. A history degree will give you access to any job that requires a generic college degree. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to go to graduate school. Many lawyers, accountants, and other professionals have degrees in history. They provide great perspective on the world and a great start for a long career.

Majoring in Art

Many people will deride art majors as frivolous or wasteful. However, nothing could be further from the truth. At colleges in New Jersey, hundreds of people graduate with art degrees every year. An art degree will allow you to do what you love for four years and come out with a college degree at the end. Furthermore, you will be able to hone your art skills. That will give you the ability to move into many fields in the art world.

There are many different areas of the business and professional worlds that prize art degrees. The first and most obvious jobs are anything that has to do with art itself. That could be a museum curator, an art buyer, or an art school teacher. Also, many public colleges in New Jersey have art departments in need of teachers and teaching assistants. An art degree will definitely help you secure that job.

Many people like to have those with art degrees in their businesses even if their businesses are not focused on art. A person with an art degree will have a creative and artistic way of looking at the world and solving problems. That might not be immediately apparent as a desired set of skills for a business but it is actually very valuable. A business does not want to have only STEM-minded employees.

If you want to break into a lucrative career, you should look for many different kinds of degrees from colleges in New Jersey.