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Regardless of the career you’re in or where you work, wanting to improve your knowledge and skills so that you can get ahead is a goal that many people share.

When considering what they can do to achieve this goal, many people try taking a variety of business courses to improve and expand on the knowledge they have already attained. This may increase the odds that they’ll be promoted and, therefore, make more money. There are many types of business courses, from online to in-person schooling, but they all have one thing in common – they can increase your knowledge and help you get ahead in the business world.

Free Courses to Take

Free Courses to Take

Some websites – such as – offer a variety of free courses that anyone can take. These include courses such as:

·         Math for the GMAT exam

·         Performance management courses

·         Courses on PowerPoint and Microsoft Word programs

·         Courses on recruiting and hiring strategies

·         Online payroll courses

·         Courses on the psychology of advertising and marketing programs

There are other online courses you can take for free, including courses on leadership and management training, marketing, IT, training and human resources, strategic planning, basic business administration, project management, statistics and much more. Most of these courses will issue a certificate in your name after you’ve finished the course, proving that you have completed and excelled in the course. If you’re interested in participating in one of these online courses, it is best to start with a search on the Internet.

University Degrees at No Cost

Believe it or not, there are ways to get a college degree for free these days. Some of these schools may charge small fees for tests and supplies, but the tuition and books at most of them are completely free. Some of these colleges include:

·         University of the People

·         College of the Ozarks – Missouri

·         Curtis Institute of Music – Pennsylvania

·         Berea College – Kentucky

·         CUNY Teacher Academy – New York

·         Deep Springs College – California

·         Alice Lloyd College – Kentucky

·         Webb Institute – New York

In addition, some schools offer free MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs, which are not necessarily college degrees but usually result in a certificate of completion. These schools offer concentrations in areas that include marketing, advertising and promotion, entrepreneurship, accounting, leadership and management, and others.

Getting a Degree Online

In addition to free courses and programs, business courses can also be included in a variety of degrees, from bachelor’s degrees to doctoral degrees, at schools that are run totally online. Some of these schools include the University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Southern New Hampshire University, Walden University, Penn Foster, Keiser University, Lamar University, and even schools such as Cornell and Arizona State University. These days, more and more colleges are offering both courses and degrees online that enable you to enroll and participate without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Considering how hectic and busy most people’s lifestyles are, getting a degree this way is a very smart way to matriculate.

Business courses offered at various universities include topics such as Building a Business, Crisis Management, How to Start a Start-up, Money and Banking, Financial Planning, Writing for Strategic Communication and Principles of Management. Courses such as these are often included in the programs of some well-known universities, such as Ohio State University, Oxford University, Stanford and the University of Michigan. You can choose to take a few courses to improve your chances of a work-related promotion, or work towards a complete college degree. Either way, these schools make it both simple and convenient for you to use their programs.

The Government Can Help, Too

People interested in taking business courses can also look at various government programs, which offer the chance to take a variety of helpful courses, including topics such as Business Law and Ethics, How to Get Angel Investors, Microeconomics and How to Write a Business Plan, among others.

Whether you are interested in taking a few courses or acquiring a basic or advanced college degree, increasing your knowledge is an excellent thing to do. Courses in anything business-related also help you manage people better and climb your way up the corporate ladder, which is something that many of us desire in today’s competitive world.