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Any company making or selling products needs to have some type of marketing to sell them, whether it is a major media campaign or a simple print advertisement. Marketing is a wide-open field with many areas of discipline including digital marketing, advertising, international marketing, brand marketing, marketing communications, marketing management, and strategic marketing.

One of the newest forms of marketing is digital marketing, which involves promoting a business’s products and services in various ways on the Internet. While many schools with marketing departments now offer digital marketing degrees, digital marketing may also be studied as part of another marketing program such as brand or international marketing.

Most of these marketing areas intertwine to build successful marketing campaigns. Companies need to have their products or services advertised, companies need to be branded, large corporations may need international marketing strategies created, and companies of all sizes need to have online presences to be successful. So digital marketing campaigns will be part of most overall marketing strategies.

Marketing Courses

Courses to Take

The marketing courses you choose will depend on the area of emphasis you wish to study. For instance, if you want to be in advertising, you may study how to create ads for radio and television. If you’re studying digital marketing, then you may need to take marketing courses about how to use social media or how to increase a website’s search engine ranking.

Most marketing schools will have a set of courses you’re required to take to earn a marketing degree so you will follow a set program once you’ve selected a speciality. They may have introductory courses that every marketing major takes such as Marketing Research, Business to Business Marketing, Product Management, Global Market Techniques, Retail and Sales Management, and Corporations and Financing.

When you select an emphasis, then you will take courses designed to teach you about marketing techniques or strategies for your degree.

Advanced Marketing Coursework

Once you’ve selected an area of marketing to study, your coursework will be designed to teach you about that specific specialty. If you decide you want to earn a digital marketing degree, you may take courses in website design, search engine optimization (SEO), content management, and social media marketing. These courses will help you understand the importance of each area of digital marketing and how they work together to form a cohesive strategy to promote products and services for businesses.

If your field is international marketing, then some of the marketing courses you make take include courses in Cultural Awareness, Logistics, International Business Dynamics, Product Research and Development, International Marketing Strategies, and International Political and Legal Environments.

While many of these courses may consider international marketing in general, if you decide on an advanced degree, you may decide to place an emphasis on a certain region in the world and learn how to market in countries within that region. For instance, you may wish to learn how to market to people or businesses in Japan, so you would take coursework designed to learn about their culture and how to create strategies for the Japanese market.

Accredited Programs

While most marketing students attend state or private universities, marketing courses and degrees can be taken online. One of the most important considerations for deciding where to take courses or earn a degree is if the institution is accredited. It can be extremely difficult to find work in specific fields if the degree you’ve earned isn’t from an accredited college or university.

While most state and private institutions will be accredited, you should closely examine any online coursework or degree programs in which you have interest. Many online institutions are not accredited so you would be wasting your money taking coursework through them. Most accredited universities would not transfer any credits you’ve earned from an unaccredited school and most employers would not consider you as a candidate for employment.

There are many opportunities in the marketing field and some of the positions you may qualify for after earning a degree include Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Account Executive, and Media Buyer.

If you have an interest in the field, find an accredited program near you and consult with an advisor about the marketing courses and how to enroll in the school.