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With a masters degree in counselling, you can consider many different types of jobs. This work will be challenging but also very gratifying. Knowing you have touched lives and made a difference to others is important. It is much more than just making money, it is working to help people overcome barriers and to have a good quality of life.

You will have to decide the direction you wish to take with a masters degree in counselling. Don’t worry if you change your mind over time though. You may develop a newfound passion for a given area of this realm. You can dive right into it and do your very best with it. Changing your area of expertise now and then can also help you avoid being burned out.

Finishing Your Degree

What It Takes

In order to obtain a masters degree in counselling, you need to complete a variety of classes in the areas of social science. You have to take classes in the areas of psychology, philosophy, and sociology. Learning about the human mind, behaviors, and even addictions can all be part of the work. Most programs also have you do clinical rotations where you spend time with licensed counsellors.

This type of work requires being patient, being motivated, and being very good with people. You have to be a good listener so you can create a plan of action relating to treatment for a patient based on their intake assessment. You will be responsible for completing various pieces of paperwork to document the progress of each patient and future recommendations.

Types of Work

The sky is the limit when it comes to the work you will find with a masters degree in counselling. You can work in a school setting or with the courts. You can work with human services or you can work for a non-profit organization. You can be part of a counselling center or even open up your own practice. You can work from just about anywhere, too, because there are so many job openings. There is a demand for qualified counsellors so you don’t have to worry about job opportunities.

The pay for someone with a masters degree in counselling is very good, so this career can provide you with a way to make plenty of money and live a lifestyle you enjoy. It also can provide you with extras including insurance, retirement, and paid vacation. What you will qualify for depends on whom you work for and what their policies include.

There are managerial jobs in this field too. You may be involved in overseeing other employees to make sure they are doing all they can for patients. You can help them to solve issues regarding the treatment and planning for their patients. You can also make sure all of the laws and procedures are being followed successfully.

Once you obtain your diploma, you will need to get certified or licensed as a counsellor where you live. The requirements for this depend on where you live. It is a good idea to find out what they entail as you get close to completing your program. Then you can take your written exam and get your requirements done. Many jobs will require you to have this done before they hire you, so it is a good idea to get it in motion as soon as you graduate.

Finishing Your Degree

Perhaps you would like to return to school and obtain your masters degree in counselling so you can climb the ladder where you work. It is much easier to get hired for a position within a company where you already work than to have to go outside of that company and start over as a new employee. Check out online classes and courses offered at your local colleges.

The amount of time it will take you to obtain a masters degree in counselling depends on which program you enroll in. It isn’t uncommon for classes you have already taken to transfer and some schools allow certain work experience to count as class credits. It is a good idea to schedule time to talk to a representative from potential schools to see what they offer and what you will need to complete.