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To earn an online sociology degree you need to study human behavior. In the classes you take you will learn about family and social dynamics, social norms, interactions and dynamics along with deviant behavior. Those studying for an online sociology degree will learn how to identify different behaviors and social structures so they can assist individuals and groups. In most cases in order to study online for a sociology degree students will need a high school diploma or GED.


Program Requirements

In most cases it takes two years to complete an online sociology program. Typically students will take classes in general liberal arts with some courses that are sociology focused. The average 60-credit hours will be made up of general education courses and 6 or less sociology courses. All of the courses are done online or through the mail.


Common Sociology Courses

Statistics - To become a sociologist you need to measure and predict trends in human behavior. This makes calculations an essential part of any sociology program. A sociology class will provide students with an introduction to data gathering, and basic calculations that are used to compare, summarize and analyze data. 

Deviant Behavior - A course in deviant behavior will introduce students to the definitions in human behavior deemed unacceptable by different societies. The class examines the causes of alcohol and drug abuse, criminal behavior, and antisocial activities. The course also covers responses to deviant behavior.

Family Dynamics Course - When studying sociology online students will take this course to learn about courtship, marital roles, human sexuality and family models and dynamics. Both abnormal and normal family structures are analyzed along with the benefits and drawbacks they offer certain individuals.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse - A course in alcohol and drug abuse will examine the causes and social impact of alcohol and drug abuse. While taking this course students will also learn about the theories, definitions, and treatment models of chemical addiction and dependency.

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Career Information

A student who studies for an online sociology degree has many options for employment. If they earn their associates degree they can work as a social service assistant. They can work as a youth counselor, community outreach worker, court advocate or as a counselor for the elderly or disabled. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics most social services assistants work in federal, state, or local government.



Continuing Education

To work as a social service assistant there is no continuing education or licensure requirement. That being said, earning a bachelor's degree in this field of study can increase you job viability and earning potential. When studying for an online sociology degree a student can choose to earn their associates, bachelors, masters or doctorate degree.


Important Traits

To study for an online sociology degree a person needs to have certain traits. Attention to detail is important. They need to know how to fact check, proofread, and verify claims. They need good communication skills and having an analytical mind set is also important.