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Business is often chosen in college because it offers a number of career paths that are flexible and practical. Certain disciplines may be more popular as they offer students more opportunities in the work force or promise a fairly lucrative salary. Some of the most popular specialties, when pursuing a business degree, include entrepreneurship, business administration, finance or accounting, economics and marketing.

So if your goal is to obtain a degree in business, you need to concentrate on finding the specialty that best meets with your salary objectives, individual personality and interests. For example, students working toward a business degree in entrepreneurship are working on the goal of either reaching the top echelon in a company or building their own business. Courses in the specialty include product development, management of capital, and working within the global business community. It’s not a surprise then that many holders of an entrepreneurship degree become CEOs.


A Well-Paying Field

Students who want to specialize in entrepreneurship are often creative thinkers and are always working at improving business operations and workplace activities. If your goal is to attain a business degree in entrepreneurship, you will, indeed, be well-paid. Holders of the sheepskin often command a median salary of $157,000 per year – far higher than any other executive in the business world.


Business Administration

If you want to employ your business skills as an administrator, then the coursework you will be covering can include business ethics and law, operations management, economics and business strategy. Graduates who hold a degree in business administration normally advance into a top position, whether they work in an SME or direct activities in large corporations. Median salaries range from $65,000 to over $100,000 per year.


A Degree in Accounting – What is Covered in Class?

If you are someone who likes to uncover mysteries with respect to finance or accounting, you will want to look into obtaining an accounting/finance business degree. This specific discipline can lead to such careers as budget analyst or financial consultant. Students who choose this particular sub-specialty often carry a heavy load of classes. General business subjects and the proper management of money are covered in the accounting and finance discipline.

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Some BLS Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for accountants will increase to over 15% by 2010. Beginning salaries for business people who work in the accounting and finance field average around $99,000 annually.


Business Soothsayers

Business majors who are working toward a degree in economics often end up as business “soothsayers,” as they are also considered economic advisors in most businesses. Studies in macro and micro economics, as well as industrial organization, public policy, business regulations and anti-trust topics, are typically included on the economic student’s syllabus.


Economical Lifesavers

Economists can also be considered as “lifesavers” for a business, as their predictions are frequently used to protect companies that are in fiscal trouble. The median salary associated with this business degree is around $80,000 annually.


A Sizable Moneymaking Opportunity

Marketing primarily centers on creating a business plan that will motivate people to visit your website and buy your product or service. So if you want to hone your skills in this area, the average salary will definitely motivate you in this respect. Marketing majors often make $100,000 per year.