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The bustling city of Chicago appeals to many people as an option for study. People from the state of Illinois, people from all over the United States, and even some international students all flock to Chicago because of its vibrant culture and excellent universities. Universities in Chicago include the private Northwestern University and the University of Chicago as well as the public University of Illinois at Chicago. There are good reasons to study at any one of these universities.

Studying in Chicago

Chicago is one of America’s biggest cities. Over ten million people live in just the central area alone. Because of this, a student can enjoy a busy and exciting life in Chicago. Theaters in Chicago often have touring Broadway performances, the Navy Pier always offers new adventures, and there are a variety of clubs in Chicago that are frequented primarily by students, including comedy clubs and clubs that play live music.

Look into Attending a Chicago University

It’s a great area to start a student band! After all, Chicago is famous for its blues and jazz scene. Sports are a big part of the Chicago lifestyle, so an avid sports fan is likely to find like-minded new friends there. There is also a good public transport network in the area, and with travel discounted for most students, there’s no excuse not to experience the city. Most universities in the area offer a U-PASS which provides unlimited travel on Chicago’s buses and trains during the school year.

Whichever Chicago university a student enrolls in is bound to offer him or her a variety of extracurricular activities. Students can choose to join a sports or athletics team within the university, and many universities offer sports and recreation facilities along with other types of clubs they can get involved in. The University of Chicago, for example, has over 400 clubs! There’s something for everyone. Student council is also an option at most universities for students who are interested in taking on leadership positions.

Extracurricular religious and cultural support is available for a wide range of students from a variety of different backgrounds. Chicago is a diverse city, and the universities there reflect that.

Which Chicago University is Right for You?

The most prestigious private universities in Chicago are the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. If someone would prefer to attend a public, state-funded Chicago university, he or she should consider the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The University of Chicago is celebrated for its law and medicine programs. It has been ranked as having one of the top five law schools in the world and one of the top ten medical schools. The University of Chicago is a good option for future business leaders, as it has historically been the birthplace of many popular academic economic theories, including the Chicago school of economics. The University of Chicago has been long associated with charity work, and there are many volunteer opportunities available through the school.

The other private university in Chicago is Northwestern University, which boasts an impressive range of extracurricular activities. Northwestern University is associated with a lot of long standing traditions, many of which surround their sports and sporting accomplishments. At Northwestern University there is a huge sense of community. Culture is important to the student body there. Northwestern University hosts two annual productions a year, one of which is written by the students. If a student wants to attend a Chicago university with a rich history of tradition and camaraderie, Northwestern would be his or her best bet.

The University of Illinois at Chicago, unlike the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, is a state-funded public college. As such, it lacks the prestige of either of the other Chicago schools, but it still has an excellent sense of community and offers many great opportunities. The University of Illinois at Chicago has a Campus Recreation facility for students’ exercise needs and a wellness center to aid with students’ emotional, social, and physical wellness, and it offers 83 different undergraduate degrees.

No matter which university a prospective student ends up choosing, he or she will find a welcoming environment with challenging academics and excellent social resources. America’s windy city is a beautiful place with a lot of culture for young people to explore.